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Is My Headache Caused by Pain Medication?

Often, the added medications end up causing headache and more pain resulting in increasing the pain medication. The cycle of treating symptoms with even more pain medication instead of eliminating the root causes is increasing our drug dependency.

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Toxins In Your Body May Be The Reason You Can’t Lose Weight

Weight gain today is often more than too many calories and not enough exercise. The body stores environmental toxins (poisons) in the fat tissue as a survival mechanism. It makes fat tissue to take toxins out of circulation so they don’t damage the organs and systems of the body.  A poison is described as something that causes illness or death when introduced or absorbed.

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Food and Chemical Allergy Sensitivities and Addictions

Very often there is a craving for the food or drink that your body is sensitive to.  You will be eating this food daily because of the craving or you have been just including the food daily in your diet out of habit.  Removing the food or drink that you were consuming daily for 3-5 days will result in fewer symptoms that are common to allergy sensitivities.

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