It’s very likely that your headache could be caused by taking pain medication. Medications used for headaches, and any pain, over time, will cause many side effects which are often treated by the medical doctor with just more pain medication.

Often, the added medications end up causing headache and more pain resulting in increasing the pain medication. The cycle of treating symptoms with even more pain medication instead of eliminating the root causes is increasing our drug dependency.

This downward spiral of medicating the side effects of medication should never even get started, so what’s the answer?

Highly trained, skilled and experienced Chiropractors are the professionals who understand treating the side effect will only cause more side effects. Fewer drugs and more non-invasive wellness care is the solution to our country’s drug dependency and over-medicated condition.

Pain medication dependency has become an epidemic with very serious side effects. In fact, one of the common side effects not typically mentioned from pain medications is congestive heart failure. Depression is also a common, known side effect. In addition, there can be psychological conditions, like brain damage, that can develop from overuse of pain medications.

Traditional medicine today is being taught from a pharmaceutical symptom-and-disease perspective. This country will be much healthier when medical doctors are taught how to direct care to the root cause of their patient’s conditions, rather than directed to treat the symptom. We would all be better off if the present healthcare system would train and employ medical doctors who can help people without drugs.

The drug dependency that the medical system has perpetrated has resulted in our governor putting together a State of Illinois Action Plan. With the opioid crisis in Illinois being in the headlines, it’s finally time for all of us to demand better care.

The benefit of seeing a Chiropractor who understands how to find the root cause and who doesn’t just treat the symptom is that he or she will listen to you and can help determine why you’re experiencing the symptoms you have.

If you’re taking or being prescribed pain medication, it’s time for a second opinion. It’s time to review how much your pain medication might be attributing to other health issues. It’s time to take back control over your health.

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