We should make proper food choices and take vitamin and mineral supplements with the intent of helping our bodies perform well and to maintain good health. Diets deficient in certain nutrients need supplementing. How do you determine what your diet is deficient in? How do you know if the food or supplements are safe? Illness can be the result of vitamin and mineral deficiencies and excesses. How do you know which supplements to take to recover from your illness? How do you know the dosage you should take?

I have come to the conclusion that only whole unadulterated real food, prepared and eaten properly, with a diet meant for human beings will produce a long living healthy body and mind.  If food can’t be obtained that is full of the nutrients necessary for health than whole food supplements are necessary.  Certain farming practices create nutrient deficiencies in the food produced. Methods to maintain the shelf life of food causes nutrient deficiency.  Pesticide and herbicide use, genetic engineering, genetic modification, and artificial fertilization methods in farming are unnatural and damaging to your health.  Chemical preservatives and additives in food for extending shelf life and enhancing flavor are also unnatural and damaging to your health.

Wheat is one example of how a food is not what it used to be, and is now unhealthy.  Wheat was altered with hybrid genetic engineering in the US in the 1960s and 1970s changing its gluten protein content to have much more gliadin.  This was done because it increased yield ten times.  Wheat is sprayed with the herbicide glyphosate before harvest to speed up the drying of the wheat to increase yield.   Glyphosate is being banned in most countries because the research showing it is a carcinogen.  Bread has to be baked with conditioning agents to make the bread rise properly because of the genetic engineering of the wheat.  These bread making conditioning chemicals are also known carcinogens.  Each reckless method developed by big chemical corporations creates the need for another reckless method, all for profit.  These methods of food manipulation are responsible for the health decline in America, and the out of control healthcare cost.

Whole real food and whole real food supplements requires that they are produced and prepared in a way that does not alter their original state.When preparing food the natural state of the food must be maintained.   It can’t be overheated, irradiated, chemically preserved or altered in any way.  Whole food should have nothing added, altered, or removed.  Synthetic vitamins are often not derived from the food source they are concentrated in.  They are derived from unnatural substances like coal tar.  They require chemical processing and often have dangerous additives and harmful dyes.  If you are sensitive to MSG, many synthetic vitamins have MSG added.  Many supplements are GMO derived and some contain gluten.  Synthetic vitamins taken in doses over one thousand times the RDA cause the conditions they were intended to treat.  For example high doses of the synthetic Vitamin B6 can cause peripheral neuropathy in the hands and feet.  High doses of synthetic Vitamin B2 can cause inflammation and cracking at the corners of the mouth which is diagnosed as angular cheilitis or perleche.

Determining the source of your food and supplements is very important.  You should buy whole organic produce which is labeled with a 9 first in the code label.  There is no canned, boxed, bagged, wrapped, jarred or otherwise contained unrefrigerated food on the shelf that is a whole unprocessed food.  You will not need a pantry if your diet is unprocessed whole food.  The meat you eat including eggs should be from animals fed organic feed.   They should have nothing else in their diet but clean water.  They should be free to graze in a clean organic pasture.  Organic herbs should be bought and used fresh.

There are almost no entirely whole organic food vitamin supplement companies.  The nutrition companies we recommend make their supplements from whole food and process them naturally to maintain their integrity.  Good sources of herbal supplements and teas can be difficult to obtain.  They often contain mold toxins, pesticides, herbicides, and other chemicals.  We recommend nutrition companies that use organic herbs with processing that maintains the properties of the whole herb.

The only way to truly know what food or supplement is healthy for your body is with applied kinesiology nutrition testing methods.  Our practitioners have thousands of hours of training and multiple certifications in these methods to create the nutrition program you need to regain your health.

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